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My Real Life Twin C-Section Birth Story

This is my real-life twin c section birth story in all its rawness. Twin birth is very different to Singleton birth. Here I will show you what happened with my own experience of my real life twin c-section birth story.

It’s not the birth story I would have chosen but it’s the one I was dealt. Read why it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me and my family.

So the day had come that I would meet my daughters. The date had already been arranged two weeks prior as I had suffered an infection and had been unwell.

Previously my singleton births had been fine for the most part. I had also been lucky as I had been able to get up and about after each birth. And allowed to go home within hours of delivering.

my real life twin c-section birth story pregnant women belly

The Run-Up To The Big Day

I had been in good health except for flu at the very start of my first trimester. A water infection in my second ended with a stint in hospital for a few days. Things from there on had been progressing well until week 30 when I began to struggle.

My body was now being the effects of housing two growing babies. All of my weight seemed to be placed at the front of my body. My back ached like nothing I had ever felt before. My feet were swollen and had gone up a whole shoe size. Tiredness was normal now and needing rest was a must.

Twin C-Section Birth Booked

The doctor had advised that the 23rd of January would be the best date. This would be a month earlier than their planned due date. Funnily it coincided with my late grandfathers birthday. This gave me a positive feeling about something that I was scared about.

I had wanted a natural birth but had been advised by the consultant gynaecologist that this would not be the best option. This was due to a number of reasons and I decided personally it was best to go with the professional’s advice.

After talking with my husband we decided that a c-section would be the best option for the girls and myself.

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As I said I had dreamt of a natural birth again. I had witnessed a c-section before but having one myself was a different story altogether.

I have to say I am a bit of a control freak. The idea of giving control to someone else was something that I didn’t relish.

When I’m afraid, I put my trust in you.

Psalm 56 : 3 NLT

Booking In For My Twin C-Section

The day had finally arrived and my twin birth c-section was only a few hours away. Arrival at hospital was set for 6 am for booking in as surgery was set to begin at 8 am. As I waddled cautiously into the reception area I could see people starring at me

After weeks of this, I was still not used to it. At 20 weeks gone I had looked ready to give birth and I had only continued to grow thereafter.

my real life twin c-section birth story Maternity Ward Sign

We were booked in and transported to the labour ward we’re more papers we’re completed. I was tagged and strapped to monitors whilst they checked the girls and myself before progressing to the theatre.

I was weighed in to find I had increased by a whole 25kgs much to my dismay. However, I was soon to become a lot lighter so there was no point worrying about it now.

Prior to my planned twin birth c-section, I had discussed sterilization with the doctor and this had been noted. However the more I read about it the more I concluded that it was not for me.

When all the checks and monitoring we’re completed and I had answered all the questions I could. I took my pre-meds but was feeling rather hungry. This was due to not eating since 10 pm the previous evening as per the advice from the consultant. I was wheeled down the long corridor to the theatre.

The Waiting Room

Feeling incredibly unease at this point all I wanted to do was get off the bed I was on not just because I was flat on my back and breathing in this position was incredibly difficult.

I remember four or five of the nursing staff coming to talk to me but it really was all a bit of a blur. Especially when my husband was taken to get scrubs on etc and I was alone in a busy waiting area.

Then I was on the move being pushed into the theatre to which I was told to move over onto the other bed. This had to be a joke as I was barely lift my leg to get trousers on let alone move my whole body from a flat out position.

On The Move

Being pushed and pulled onto the operating table in a very unglamorous fashion had to be a low point and did not make me feel any happier about the proceedings.

The anesthesiologist gave me a spinal block which would numb my lower body completely. To do this had to try and curl my body into a ball. With two small humans inside vying for space, this was quite difficult

Seeing that I was very unsettled the lovey Sister came to my aid and held my firmly in place as I was shaking.

My real life twin birth story. Find out everything that you need to know about giving birth to twins via c-section and what happens so you can prepare for your multiple birth.

She also talked softly to me while the procedure was taking place as I tried my hardest to stay very still. All to soon he was finished and the effects of the spinal block took effect.

I remember feeling this dead weight flood into my toes then my feet and quickly up my legs and I knew there was no getting away. I was laid out like Jesus on the operating table.

Not Like Grey’s Anatomy

Enter the Dr’s. Yes we’re twins are concerned everything is doubled Dr’s, nurses the whole works. A twin birth c-section is no small operation there is a lot going on in that small space.

I should have sold tickets the amount of people there was in that one room. However, the blue sheet was up and they were off and running. There was no getting away now. My husband was allowed into the operating room and luckily he didn’t pass out as they had already started cutting. So he ended up with a front-row seat to what I looked like from the inside out.

I can remember someone asking about taking pictures to which my husband’s phone was just about to die along with my hopes of any pictures of our daughters entering the world.

Shocked as I was at this prospect suddenly I heard the Anesthesiologist say “don’t worry I will take pictures them send them to your phone straight away, oh and tell me if you feel nauseous at any point, ok!”

Welcome To The World

So that’s what happened. The next I knew Dr One said ” here comes baby A” and Cammie entered the world screaming with her arms outstretched looking extremely grumpy to be taken from her cosy warm space. Isabella, on the other hand, entered the world in a much reasonable fashion than her sister.

Sister Swart and the other nurse weighed and checked the girls and then proceeded to swaddle them. Cammie was still unhappy at her removal while Isabella was much more content.

Pictures taken in a blur and healthy weights given (2.8 & 2.6kgs) A month premature was pretty good. The girls were on their way with the nurses while I was still being stitched back together.

I sent my husband with them not wanting them to be alone and also not wanting to be left behind either. I had to wait for a short while in recovery just outside of the main theatre to stabilise after the c-section.

Recovery & Waiting After A Twin C-Section Birth

Wrapped in what felt and looked like tin foil as my temperature had dropped until they were happy and then I was taken to the ward.

Arriving back on the ward I was treated only by Cammie as Isabella had been taken to the NICU. The Sister was not that happy with her breathing and so she was sent as a precaution. Cammie was still there and was happier now than before.

The Sister encouraged me to feed her while my husband went to check on Isabella. Everything was not going as planned but I tried my best to breastfeed her.

We both became tired and the nurse said that she would take her to the bath. At this point, I decided this was a good idea as I could barely keep my eyes open.

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Both Girls In NICU

I must have fallen asleep because when I awoke I was alone. My husband came back about 5 minutes after this and told me that now both our daughters had been admitted to the NICU.

I was beside myself worry and the feeling of being absolutely incapable of doing anything as the spinal block still hadn’t worn off. All we could do was wait for the Doctor to come and talk to us about what was the net course of action.

My real life twin birth story. Find out everything that you need to know about giving birth to twins via c-section and what happens so you can prepare for your multiple birth.

I have never felt so helpless and alone. When the doctor came he informed us that the girls had developed an infection and had pneumonia. Isabella had already had an x-ray and they were both now on ventilation units and they were being tube feed.

At this point, I broke down. I wâted them with to care for them and to make them better but I could do nothing but wait and pray. They are with the staff and they were in the best place even if it didn’t feel that way inside my heart.

After crying for what felt like an age. I told my husband to go home as our older children would need him and they would also want to know what was going on with their sisters.

For this child I have prayed

1 Samuel 1 – 27 KJV

I wasn’t able to eat because of the surgery and I felt so thirsty but wasn’t allowed to drink either. All I could have was ice cube.

Standing After Twin C-Section Surgery

The sensation had started to come back to my toes and feet. I fell asleep again and was woken at about 9 or 10 pm. The nurse checked to see if I was ok and then inquired if I could try and get up and go to the bathroom.

This was a much bigger challenge than I had anticipated it took me nearly an hour or more and at one point I nearly gave up. I remember the nurse trying to assist me by pulling me to which I half-shouted and half screamed.

There was a huge burning pain in my pelvis, I told her to leave me and I would get up under my own steam with the aid on the bed control and my own determination.

Getting off the bed took a few attempts and once I stood up. I had to wait a few moments before I tried to move my feet. I shuffled forward like an old granny with no Zimmer frame to the bathroom a few paces away.

C-section is definitely not for sissys and I would do natural childbirth 10x over. However, I feel if it comes to your babies and your health you need to go with the best advice from the professionals.

When there is no option as mama’s we happily endure the pain to bring life into this world because as we soon find out there is nothing that we would not do for our children.

Our NICU Stay

The girls spent 8 long days and nights in NICU. With many tears shed and even more prayers said. This was relatively short compared to some but for me, it felt like an age.

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This is where This Mama Prays was also born I think, is a hard uncomfortable chair sitting between two cribs unable to hold my babies as I should.

Experiencing the girls raw resilience in their tiny little bodies as they battled for their survival showed me how strong they really were.

This Mama Prayed

Sometimes there is nothing more we can do than pray. I prayed during the pregnancy, as they were born and continually while in the hospital NICU and I keep on praying even now.

God will test your limits as a mother. As a multiple mama that only increases. However, now that everything has passed I see how incredibly strong and capable I am & the lessons that I learnt for the whole experience.

When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Psalm 61 : 2 KJV

Both physically and mentally but I have to keep reminding myself in my low moments that I did it. I carried them, I birthed them and I love them with an unending love.

What To Take Away From This Real Life Twin C-Section Birth Story

You can have the best birth plan but remember nothing always goes to plan. If so go with the best advice. The main thing is that you and your babies are healthy.

Preparation is great but nothing is set in stone. Be adaptable and do what is best for your family.

Get as much information as possible, about all areas of birth and aftercare. I wish I had been more aware of what could happen and how NICU runs as it wouldn’t have been so daunting if I had some idea of the processes and procedures.

Pray for the life growing inside you. Think about what you want for the new life’s ng inside you and what want for your increasing family life?

Enjoy the experience it’s like nothing else. Your life will change forever. Seek the blessings in every moment for every story is precious.

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