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Hello world!

So here it is my first ever post Hello World. I have been on a big adventure to get to this point and now a new journey begins with this very post. Hello World this is me.

this mama prays very first post - Number 1

I thought that I would share a few things about myself as a starting point. You can then get a feel for my blog and hopefully what I am all about and what I hope to create here at This Mama Prays.

My wish is that you find simple, helpful & useful advice from someone who has struggled and transformed. This, however, is always an ongoing project which like everything takes work.

I wanted to create a space as a creative outlet. Also, I wanted to provide help to others who may be experiencing the same struggles and issues that I had faced.

Not just with faith but motherhood and personal development. Check out my About Me

I can now happily say that I am a strong woman of faith. A child of God and I love to sing His praise, but this was not always the case.

Not being brought up in a religious household and never really questioning religion due to it never really interesting or affecting my lifestyle.

However certain events that occurred in my life later on and my life experiences all brought me to this point where you find me today.

What Changed ?

Change of any kind is not easy and this journey was as I say not a walk in the park.

There were times I wanted to give up and times I thought I was getting absolutely nowhere, but that’s the thing about change.

Sometimes while we are busy transforming and moving into a new place within ourselves we don’t always see the changes occurring as others around us do.

God placed me somewhere I never thought I would go with people I never dreamed of meeting. I ended up never wanting to leave.

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase

Martin Luther King

Things can happen when we least expect them too. God has a way of bringing us to a point to meet him. Some of us take a short path to him while others take a more detoured route.

I definitely fall into the latter. I even ran in the opposite direction I think from His grace. But as the song says he chased me down.

So what can I tell you?

I thought that I would start by telling you my 10 favourite things. This way you can find out more about me and get a feel for what you can expect to see on my site. So here we go!

Number 1

My most favourite thing by far has to by my family. They are my world and they make me want to be a better person every single day.

Whilst I may be a strong confident women of God now, a few years ago it was a different story.

I hope that my posts about my journey to faith will help others who have questions and who are also starting their walk with God.

hello world this mama prays our family faces

Number 2

My number two spot has to go to my bible and everything that goes with it. My dear friend gave me a beautiful bible for my birthday a few years ago.

It has additional information, translations and letters that have served me so well in understanding the bible more.

It has also travelled with me over thousands of miles and it is a treasured possession as is the letter that she wrote that goes with it.

I love spending time in the word. Journalling, especially what I am grateful for in this life of mine. My faith has changed me into a better women.

hello world Open Bible Journal

Number 3

I know that most people love coffee and I do like a Latte but for me it has to be Tea. It’s the way I start my day along with my Bible and for me there is nothing better.

I love tea any time of day its hands down my favourite drink. A slice of cake makes the whole experience even better.

hello world this is how i start my day A Cup of Tea

Number 4

Food and cooking food come next. Every since I was a child and my mama gave me the offcuts of pastry to play with I had a passion to cook.

I would bake cakes and Mary Berrys cookbook was the first cookbook I had as a gift one Christmas. I think I was 11 years old but I would create beautiful tray bakes for the family and close friends.

Sunday was our day to cook and its something that I share with my children now too. I hope to share some of our family favourites with you here.

hello world i love cookie hearts

Number 5

It’s something that I don’t currently do at present but hope to do again soon. I love serving at church especially with my friend’s. Since moving back to the UK I haven’t found a church to call my own but I am still looking.

When I was serving I would take every opportunity to help at church. Feeling part of something bigger was amazing. Giving yourself freely to help others is a skill everyone should learn. I have a heart for serving and also being creative.

This is where I learnt everything I am today. With wonderful loving followers of God. This will always be my home and a piece of my heart will always lie here.

Making the space welcoming and inviting for everyone to enjoy is a wonderful & beautiful thing. You can create wonderful displays from the most inexpensive of things.

hello world i love making coffee for others

Number 6

I love my home and my favourite style has to be French Country or Farmhouse. I love the rustic style and making my house a home.

The house we have now is a project but does not really have enough space. So we are trying to find ways of making the space work for us as a family.

For me, the heart of the home is the kitchen. It is where our family always come together no matter how many of us there are. The best stories are always told here. Its where you will hear the most laughter and also see the most tears.

Its where the world is set straight in our eyes and where we feel blessed. I look forward to the day when I have a beautiful kitchen that is fully equipped with everything I could ever dream of in it along with all the special people to share it with.

hello world this is a picture on vision board - country kitchen

Number 7

I love clothes as do a lot of us but you won’t find me conforming to fashion trends. I like to make my own style and wear what I like and feel comfortable in. A hater of trainers or sneakers whatever you call them I am not a fan.

However, I do love dresses, especially from the ’50s. I think that you should embrace your own look and don’t be afraid to wear what you love.

hello world i love vintage dresses

Number 8

Old movies, I love old movies. The glitz, the glamour and the old fashion charm. The fashion too and their effortless elegance.

I would watch Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn amongst others with my Nana on a Saturday afternoon and we would escape into another world. It’s also where my love of tea & cake came from.

Men such as Cary Grant and this is how I want to be treated with good old fashioned romance.

hello world i love the hollywood sign

Number 9

It is listed on my vision board and I hope to have one someday. A VW Camper Van, old or new I love them all.

Mine would be a soft green camper with seats to hold all the family. Where we could escape and take trips together & go on great adventures.

hello world my dream retro vw camper van

Number 10

So last but not least I love Chateau’s. I have been glued to Escape to The Chateau DIY with Dick & Angel.

I would love to find and restore my very own Chateau or Farmhouse where our family could grow and where we could build our dream space. A place to work, to create, explore and breath life into.

hello world i love the french farmhouse look

For now, it is something that I am praying on amongst other things.

I would love to know if you like any of the same things as me and why? Or what are your favourite things that make you unique? Let me know in the comments below.

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