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About Me & Finding The Joy In The Everyday Journey Of Motherhood

Welcome my friend. I am so glad you found your way to This Mama Prays and my about me page. This space is here to help and equip Mama’s in finding joy in their everyday journey of Motherhood.

The aim of This Mama Prays is to give you a foundation on which to build your relationship with God. It will provide you with a basis to begin regardless of life’s everyday trials and tests. Family issues or problems & more. So that whatever happens, you can find joy in your everyday journey of motherhood.

So many times as Mama’s we can feel overwhelmed, confused, judged or inadequate.

As Mama’s, we can battle with comparison, depression, loss, grief, doubt and failure to name just a few ways that the enemy attacks us.

We can question every decision that we make. Or we can feel that we will never get anything right. That we are constantly failing in all aspects of our daily life.

Whilst this is happening we miss out on all the fun. We don’t see the joy straight in front of us. What if all we need to do is take a look from a different perspective?

But What Would Happen If You Changed Your Outlook To Finding Joy?

Gods view changed my life for the better and I hope that it can change yours too.

I launched This Mama Prays this year because as well as sharing my story. I wanted to show what helped me to change as a wife, mother and friend. Hopefully it can encourage you too. So that you can rejoice in being a Mama.

I also wanted to create a community for other Mama like me. SAHM, WFHM, Mama’s of Multiples, Mama’s of Singletons, Young Mama’s and Older Mama’s.

COMMUNITY OF WOMEN finding joy in the journey of motherhood

Mama’s from all around the world are welcome here. To grow and develop in faith, friendship and love for God and their families.

My vision is to build a community of Mama’s who want to find joy in their everyday journey of Motherhood.

A space where we can celebrate God, our faith, and our unique abilities. Somewhere we can rise by lifting others around us as well as ourselves.

A place where we can grow our skills and we can find our purpose and passion. Because God created each and every one of us with our own unique gifts and talents.

We should use and embrace these to the best of our ability, wherever possible.

Godly friendships should be about loving each other, looking out for each other and striving to bring out the best in each other – the same way Christ loves you, looks out for you, and strives to bring out the best in you.

1 Samuel 18 : 1-4 NLT

Do You Have Questions About This Journey Called Joy & Motherhood?

This is also somewhere you can ask questions freely and always get honest answers without judgement, fear or condemnation.

If you are looking for a real-life Mama who is defiantly not perfect but will always be open and honest with you then here I am.

Being a Mama is probably the hardest job you can ever do. However, it can be the most rewarding experience of your life and you deserve to enjoy it all. Every single minute!

If you love God, your family, your home, cooking and anything shabby chic or rustic then you will feel right at home here.

I am currently writing a series on Prayer and How to pray as a beginner. Even now that’s what I class myself as and I think I always will.

There will also be plenty of posts of motherhood, multiples and more. Our family covers such a broad spectrum and I hope to share that with you too.

I wasn’t brought up in or around faith and I struggled in finding my walk with God for a long time.

However, I found him on a path that I thought that I would never walk. In a country I didn’t know. With people who spoke a different language to me and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Even with all our cultural differences I found in talking to others I wasn’t alone in my struggle.

For each one of us, the journey will be different but we will have many of the same steps to find Him. We are all unique, as is our journey with God.

Embrace this journey but remember ultimately it’s how and who we choose to walk it with that matters most.

Author of This Mama Prays
finding joy in the journey of motherhood
Hi I’m Annabella

A Little Bit More About Me & Finding My Joy In The Everyday Journey Of Motherhood

As a Millennial Mama who just turned 40. I am blessed to have Twin toddlers and two Teens. I have been married to my wonderful husband and best friend for the last 15 years.

By the grace of God, I was saved and have been a Christian now for the last 5 years. And I happily now call myself a woman of faith and a prayer warrior for my family.

To read more about me check out my post called Hello World

My experience is vast in this place called the world. Being a Mama now for more years than I care to count & having more stretch marks than grey hairs whilst still striving to lose weight. I have maintained my great sense of humour and actively seek out the joy even in difficult circumstances.

My only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein

I have experienced as many wonderful moments as bad ones in life.

These lessons have made me grow and develop in my walk with God. I can even say that I am thankful for them now, even when they have been hard & painful.

Where Do Our Ideas Come From That Bring Us Joy?

So the idea for this blog was born in a NICU ward in South Africa. At a time in my life when I felt the most alone, isolated, and physical pain I had ever experienced even in these current times. There was no one with me other than God and my husband. Something had begun and I was yet to see it fully.

I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19


pin image my real life twin c-section birth story this mama prays

God will meet us at a point where we may not expect to find him or when we are questioning him the most!

It took me some time to get to this point where you find me now. For a long time, this blog was just a dream in my imagination. As with everything I prayed on it and God had a plan for me.

imagination quote Albert Einstein

The following posts will detail how these experiences helped me to develop my vision and how I used prayer on my journey with God. Even then he was showing me the way and I did not even realise it.

All I could do was pray and pray I did, without ceasing. Although I didn’t know it at the time everything from that point onwards has brought me to where we are right now.

Why I Created This Blog?

I created this blog to help other Mama’s just like me. So that you can find God and understand that you were created with a purpose and a passion.

That you can still be an amazing Mama and have dreams to be or do other things too.

Our imagination is the portal to our hopes & dreams which only we can see and this is given to us by God. He gives us talents and gifts that should be used, for this is where we find our Joy too.

How To Read The Bible As A Beginner
this mama prays

For me finding my relationship with God was something that I struggled with. I hope that my story may inspire you to find your own relationship with Him.

Primarily my hope and prayer is that you find joy in your everyday journey of Motherhood. 

Sharing with you my highs and lows and my wins as well as my losses. I hope that this highlights the struggles that you may be facing and how I have used The Word to overcome these times may give you insight to help you too.

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings of eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40 : 31 NLT

Finding Faith In Your Everyday Journey Of Motherhood

If you are interested in faith and want to know more then you can read all about my journey and how its made me a better wife, Mama and Friend and how it can help you too.

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pin image how to read the bible as a beginner this mama prays

You can also find advice, support and friendship to ensure you thrive as a Mama.

I will give you real honest, practical solutions on everything from how to cope with the daily trials of motherhood. To tips on marriage, home organisation, work and styling your home on a shoestring.

All while cooking up a storm in the kitchen because as Mama’s we have to have it all figured out right?

Alternatively, if you want to know more about my life and how I try to choose a positive perspective then check out my posts on Instagram. 

A Cup Of Tea my favourite drink when finding joy in the everyday journey of motherhood

So go grab a cuppa coffee or if like me a nice cup of tea and get comfy. I would love to chat with you more and get to know you.