Bring Twins Home From NICU

5 Top Tips For Bringing Newborn Twins Home From NICU

Listed below are my 5 top tips that helped me when bringing my newborn twins home from NICU.

These five tips really helped me to settle into life at home with my newborn twins. It gave my husband and my self-confidence in our abilities and kept us sane during those first few months.

Twins are a lot of work but by following these five top tips it will help you find a system that works in caring for your twins too.

First Things First

Congratulations you are now the proud parents of twins. Two adorable infants are now reliant on you for everything.

You will have read every book, magazine and blog post in preparation for your newborn twins coming into the world.

In a bid to be prepared I am sure by now but what happens when you have to take your twin babies home?

Nothing will ever equip you for that first moment that you set foot through the door to your home with your newborns let alone TWINS.

Your precious bundle of joy. When you have two bundles of joy its a struggle just to get in the door but you will make it.

Do you know why Mama because I did and if I did so can you!

These are my 5 top tips for bring home twin babies from NICU. How to cope as a new twin mom and what routine you can follow with twins.

What To Do When You Bring Newborn Twins Home From NICU

I said the same things that you are thinking right now. God only gave me two hands, how does this work this even work? How will I cope? How will I feed them, bath them and much, much more?

You are more wonderful, resourceful and resilient than you realise and you will figure this out. But, I will be here to encourage you too, whenever you need.

I had so many questions and emotions throughout my singleton pregnancy let alone my twin pregnancy.


What Emotions Can I Expect?

I was so emotional when I found out that I was expecting twins. I was crying one moment thinking of all the practical and impractical things we would need.

How it would affect our family to being utterly hysterical with laughter to the point of crying again. I just couldn’t believe that this was happening to us………

I’m not going to sugar coat anything here and I will be completely honest about my ups and downs.

I want you to have real workable information and an honest perspective from an older mama. I can tell you quite openly that the prospect of twins scared the life out of me.

Every now and then through my pregnancy that fear crept in from time to time. Yet I am here to tell you that You Can Do This!

I promise you will find what works for you and your family. You will have your good days and your bad days.

Please remember that even on your worst day you will still be an Amazing MAMA! 

father & twin girls
Papa and his two twin girls

The Best-Laid Plans

All of the planning and preparation that has led up to this point now becomes very real. From now on you have to organise your kitchen, what you require in your living room to how the nursery is arranged.

No two children are the same. They are all unique and you will quickly find what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other.

You will find your own formula for your babies. What they like and what they don’t like and it will become easier as you get to know their personalities.

The best thing that you can do is what you feel happy with. Talk with your partner, work together and rest whenever possible.

Most importantly accept help when it’s given with love as YOU & your babies deserve it.

Leaving NICU To Come Home

When we first brought our twins home I can honestly say I was scared.

They had just come out of NICU and the whole experience had been extremely traumatic, to say the least, but we survived and we were going home.

Nevertheless, I suddenly realised that the only way I would cope is if I stuck to a routine. I used the same timetable that they put us on in NICU and then I organised all our other tasks around it.

No: 1 Routine With Twins

I jotted down everything in a diary format. This varied from how much they drank to how often the twins slept. Any patterns and anything else that stands out.

I decided not to breastfeed as I had always struggled. I did try expressing in hospital but to no avail and I just ended up feeling worse with conflicting advice from health professionals.

My opinion is if you can breastfeed wonderful. If you can’t don’t beat yourself up, you are still doing an amazing job. So long as they are healthy, clean and fed that’s all that matters.

alarm clock
Routine really helps with an newborn especially Twins

Why Keep A Routine, Record Or Diary With NICU Babies?

Similarly, I kept a log of nappy changes, times and output. WHY? I hear you say, well I wanted to be prepared if we had to go back to hospital I would be ready.

When we visited the health practitioner I would have my diary to the ready along with their developmental record books.

This would allow me to know if they were progressing as they should. Were they on the healthy end of the centile, if not I would be able to see a reason why?

Prolonged nappy rash or other problems would have a note and I could ask for help and advice. In doing all this I felt that I was in control.

I felt I was doing the best job I could as I had all the information that I needed in front of me.

Why Did A Routine Work For Me?

Routine gave me a time frame within which to work as we had two other school-aged children who needed to be cared for as well.

There was school drop off and pick up as well as washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning. However, if you did have others helping then the routine would be a guide for anyone else.

We didn’t have the luxury of friend’s or family close by and the household chores still needed to do. So it became more about what needed to be done and what could be left.

However, if you did have others to help the routine would also be a guide for them too.

The kitchen was always clean and tidy and bottle cleaning and preparation was first on the list followed by what’s for dinner. Our routine was as follows below.

My Twin Routine

Here is a routine you can follow with twins. This routine helped my with my twin NICU babies.

Complete your details below to get my super simple newborn routine to help you with your newborn twins

This is what helped us you can always adjust the times to suit your lifestyle. You will find what works you your family. Our girls and older children were very happy in this routine.

Now that they are here and we have gotten into our stride with them. I can tell you that they are two of the best things that ever happened to us as a family.

How Is Caring For Twins Different To Singletons?

Being a mama to singletons already, I had gone through pregnancy, labour and had given birth naturally more than once.

I had brought them home and survived for the most part. I was, however, nervous at the thought of caring for two babies at the same time, making sure that they were both happy and content.

One baby is a lot of pressure but two babies lets just say double is not the word when caring for twins.

I think that if you use the 5 tips listed here that regardless of whether you are a mum to singletons or twins that it will really help to give you a framework especially in the early months of motherhood.

No:2 Organisation With Twins

a a milne quote

You will become a master of organisation, from how to prioritise tasks and chores within your home to doing the weekly food shop or going for a coffee/playdate to a full-on a day trip or more.

This will be due to every outing becoming like a military operation as you can’t stay trapped inside for the next 5 years.

The best thing to do is plan, plan and plan some more.

Decide what you can actually get done in a day. I had no choice in our house when it came to chores, with older children there was no option.

Washing clothes and making food was still an essential task. Two screaming babies is bad enough but add to that a couple of moaning pre-teens and its a complete and utter nightmare.

Still, with older children, you can involve them in daily chores and make them feel involved whilst also praising and encouraging their efforts.

It is also a great way to build up their life skills. It also inspires confidence in their own abilities which can give them a great sense of pride and achievement. 

What Are Your MUSTS For Your Home?

Unfortunately, I am a clean freak and if the house is untidy I get stressed out. So for my own sanity, I knew that I would have to come up with a plan that would work for me.

However, I did have to submit in certain areas and learn to live with a few changes.

For example, the floors and work surfaces were a priority. Firstly the girls would be on the floor for tummy time and as they grew even more so.

This made me determined to make sure this task was always completed, the floors clean and free from hazards as much as possible.

No one’s perfect however much we try. The same for work surfaces especially food pre areas. I made a separate area just for peeping the girl’s bottles to ensure everything what as hygienic as possible.

With them being in NICU I was even more conscious of how to ensure that I could care for them.

Why Washing With Twins Is Essential

Washing with twins is a must as you will not believe the amount of clothes that you can go through. However cute all the beautiful outfits are and there are some wonderful ones.

I would suggest in the early months that vests and sleepsuits are your best friend. You will have to change your babies clothes at least twice a day, add to that if they spit up this could be more.

You will do a minimum of 8 nappy changes a day x2 so that is 16x taking something on and off again. Hence SIMPLE becomes your go-to where clothes are concerned.

laundry pile

What If You Have Other Children?

If you have other children what do they need? This could be cuddles and playtime if they are still small. Help with homework and other tasks if bigger.

Teenagers will still need to maintain a good relationship and not make them feel excluded or undervalued.

This sounds like a lot to start with but within a really short space of time you will find your groove and you will have everything running like clockwork.

You will also have every useful item known to man in your nappy bag just in case. You will hand things out to other parents on autopilot in no time because my friend you are going to rock this.

No:3 Find Your Tribe With Twins

my tribe of mama's
Some of my prayer warrior mama’s that are part of my tribe

So everybody needs a Tribe. A group they can call their own. Someone to talk with, laugh, cry, share your joys and your disappointments.

We all need an outlet, someone who understands us, supports us or even just some honest advice.

As a mama and especially a mama to multiplies this is even more important.

Why Getting Out And About Is So Important?

You need to get out and about and meet people. People like you Mama with their hands as full as their hearts.

Make time to interact at social groups such as mother and toddler groups, baby yoga, singing time and coffee dates and even church if that’s your thing.

Anything to get you out and about and interacting with other grown-ups. We all need help, support and human interaction.

If you can’t get out as often as you would like to use other alternatives such as Facebook Skype, What’s App and other social media to interact in a positive way with others.

The main thing is not to feel alone and isolated as a Mama. We all need to connect with others.

If you feel that you are struggling in any way then you should reach out to a friend or family member for support or your local health professional. 

Remember our friends can be anywhere in the world but they still give us amazing support and encouragement.

No:4 Essential Twin Products

Baby Nursery

There are so many items that you will see both online, in-store and via magazines. You will find endless lists of baby must-haves or the must-have items used by celebs.

Some of these items can be expensive or consume valuable amounts of space or be difficult to set up or move.

So buy tools that work for you, I mean find the everyday essentials that work for you in your home.

My Essentials Products

Our main go-to items came down to a few essential items that are listed below. Everyone is different here and as I said before what works for one family or baby may not work for another.

  • Travel System or Pushchair– I used this inside and outside and it was an absolute godsend
  • Baby Bouncer- Great especially if you want to rock two babies at once
  • Playmat – Great for tummy time and stimulation
  • Travel Cot – I used ours on a daily basis
  • Monitor – Gives you peace of mind when they are asleep
  • Steriliser and baby bottles- I used Avent
  • Cot – there are so many varieties to choose from here but think if you want long or short term use.

No:5 Self Care As A Mama

This is a really important task and I think sometimes the most overlooked thing. As Mama’s, we don’t do enough self-care but you need to make time for yourself.

I say this and I am laughing to myself as I write it but I truly believe that it is extremely important. If your cup is not full up you can’t and won’t function to the best of your ability.

Full Cup

Fill Up You’re Cup

You need to do things for you just as much as for anyone else. Whether that means accepting help so that you can take a shower, bath or just take a nap, these are all essential tasks.

It can also mean having time out to read a book, meet for coffee with friends or even a trip to the movies.

When your ready make time and go get your hair cut, eyebrows shaped, or nails done. Go to the shops and buy a few new items.

I am sure that you will have shrunk out of a lot of your Maternity wear and will be in need of something new to make you look and feel good.

Don’t make excuses because I have already used them all. Doing something for yourself is just as important as doing something for your babies.

An hour or two peace and quiet will do you the world of good and you will feel amazing afterwards. Trust me I am speaking from experience.

Relaxing bath & candles

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Bringing Twins Home From NICU

So the most important lesson here is doing what is best for you and your family. If something doesn’t work that’s ok, make an adjustment and see if that helps until you find what works for you.

 Don’t compare yourself to others, comparison will eat you alive. Just as children we are all unique and amazing in our own way, so are we as families.

Be confident in what you want for your family and your child and go with it. 

You have already proved that you are capable of amazing things. There are so many more wonderful times to come and you will surpass your own expectations just trust in yourself.

Mama, you have got this!!!

I would love to know what your thoughts are and if these tips have been helpful. Also if you have any other top tips that you have found invaluable for bringing home your babies then please feel free to share in the comments below.

I always love hearing what you have to say…

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